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On site: "Meet Me In My Dreams", Photography by Mary Anne Mitchell, Red Filter Gallery

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Rorschach Girls by Mary Anne Mitchell

Rorchach Girls, Mary Anne Mitchell

Inspired by poetry, the images in this exhibition draw the viewer in to another world experience.

This series is inspired by my poem ‘Meet Me in My Dreams”.  The images are created using wet plate collodion. I scan and enlarge them to enhance the organic qualities of the medium. The work speaks to family, memory, and the ethereal passage of time.

The setting for many of the images is a fairytale landscape. My use of the young people celebrates the  universal feeling of limitless potential that most people experience in their youth.The ghostlike figures are reflections of the later years when beauty and youth begin to fade.  They suggest the feeling that one is beginning to disappear and yet still present and interacting in the scene.

Now through October 31.

To view the exhibition: Mary Anne Mitchell

Preview: Meet Me In My Dreams, Mary Anne Mitchell, Mattie Kelly Arts Center, Niceville, FL

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Mary Anne Mitchell's photo.

Image Courtesy of Mary Anne Mitchell

Northern Floridians and visitors to the Panhandle this month and next should head to the Mattie Kelly Arts Center. On display are the indomitable Salvador Dali and our friend Mary Anne Mitchell’s latest selection of photography.

Mitchell creates her images using long exposures, wet plate collodion, and digital scanning. Wet plate collodion involves preparing a glass plate with collodion (a chemical solution) and shooting the photograph directly onto the plate. The process was developed in the 1850s and quickly became popular because it produced a multi-use glass negative; it remained the primary means of photography through the 1880s.

Mitchell uses this traditional process to shoot long-exposure photographs that create movement and give the images an ethereal atmosphere. She then scans these plates and prints them on a larger scale to intensify the organic characteristics inherent in the process. The exhibition of Mitchell’s black-and-white dreamscapes will include both plates and prints.

Visitors to the Holzhauer Gallery will even have the opportunity to experience Mitchell’s work as one might have in the 19th century: included in the exhibition are several stereoscopic viewers through which the photographs can be experienced in three dimensions.

Opening on May 23rd, latecomers to the exhibit might be instead keen to wait for the closing reception on July 16th, from 6-7:30 pm.

For More Information: Mattie Kelly Arts Center

Notable: Mary Anne Mitchell, Finalist for Julia Margaret Cameron Award

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Image courtesy of Mary Anne Mitchell

Image courtesy of Mary Anne Mitchell

 It is with great cheer that we are able to inform of Mary Anne Mitchell’s most recent move forward, being a finalist for the eighth  Juliet Margaret Cameron Awards.

The award is open to all female photographers working in all mediums, styles and schools of thought. Depending on what that contrives itself to, photographers can submit to the following categories: Portraits, People, Landscapes, Fine Art and Alternative Processes. Cell Phone Photography was added this year as a new field.

Mitchell was nominated in the Fine Arts category, which includes Nude and Figure photography, Still Life and Abstractions. This years award winners were juried by Laura Noble, a gallerist, writer and artistic figure in the United Kingdom arts world.

The award is aptly named after one of England’s first notable female photographers. Cameron, whose style was underappreciated in her time, has become well respected in particular for her portrait work. She called the Isle of Wight home in the 19th century, where one of her neighbors was Lord Tennyson.

Congratulations once again to Mary Anne Mitchell on being recognized for her work out of thousands of submissions.

For More Information: The Gala Awards


Preview: Meet Me In My Dreams, Mary Anne Mitchell, Allenton Gallery, Durham, NC

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Mary Anne Mitchell has taken her talents to Durham, North Carolina for the fall. We’re never afraid to tout our friends here and Mitchell certainly qualifies. Mitchell has been photographing and exhibiting her work for three decades now and her work continues to be a beautiful enigma. Her most recent exhibit is inspired by her poem of the same name.

The photographs in the series illustrate my poem “Meet Me in My Dreams,” which explores the overlap of quotidian life and the illusiveness found in dreams. Captured with wet plate collodion, the long exposures create movement and give the work an ethereal atmosphere. I scan the plates and print them larger which intensifies the organic characteristics inherent in the process.

Mary Anne Mitchell’s work is derived from her experiences and visual “dreams” that move her to create. Her work documents the world in a manner that transforms the subject into something quite different from reality. The images depict situations, often mysterious, which draw the viewer into a narrative. The subject often appears isolated in a strange or surreal setting. In each piece, the artist invites the observer into her curious world. The images evoke ambiguous moods and each viewer’s response to them will be tempered by their own experiences. Mary Anne’s artwork is primarily shot on film and printed by the artist as silver gelatin photographs. The work is available for purchase and exhibition. Contact Mary Anne for more information.

The exhibit is already available for viewing. So if you’re in Durham on Friday, Oct. 6th, you’ll have a great night ahead of you. If you can’t make it then, you’ll still be able to enjoy the exhibit until November 1st.

For More Information: Mary Anne Mitchell


Notable: Mary Anne Mitchell Featured at All About

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Mary Anne Mitchell

One of our favorite fine art photographers we met at Houston FotoFest last year is Mary Anne Mitchell. She was featured in a group show at Red Filter Gallery last summer.

See what she has been up to in a new article on her work:

My choice of black-and-white medium and traditional darkroom printing allow me to express these conflicting emotions. I often make the shadows void of details or blow out highlights to give the sense that there is something hidden and possibly threatening or foreboding. These are the untold stories of this series. These black blacks and light highlights also illustrate the contradictory nature and intensity of my feelings. Vestiges of my own southern childhood filter through with the choice of locations, which illustrate my view of the universal timelessness of coming of age and its effects on family.

For more: All About Photo

On Site: “Summers Past”, Selected Artists, Red Filter Gallery, Lambertville, NJ

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Postcard_SummersPast (1)

Summers Past is a collection of work that produces a sense of mystery and at times nostalgia with a sense of the grandeur in the experience of life.

Hope Kahn’s depiction of the poetry and musicality of women; Peggy Weiss’ use of amateur photographs to create digitally assembled photomontage visions; Mary Anne Mitchell’s combination of interpretive images and lyrical text; and Gary Salazar’s attention to light, form and most especially metaphor and archetypal themes … all touch back to a collective sense of Summers Past. “Work that can inspire you to remember a fond long ago past or better yet make you yearn for a memory of people or places you’ve never known,” says Art Director, Alisandra Wederich, “it stays with you and gives you an experience you aren’t soon to forget.”

July 5 – September 2

For more information: Red Filter Gallery