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On site: "My Muse Holds The Jaws of a Lion", Photographs by Liam Alexander, Red Filter Gallery

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Liam Alexander “Birdflower Pharaoh”

We have always admired skilled photo collage/montage as a different use of photographic images to involve the viewer in imaginative storytelling. Liam Alexander is part of a new generation of artists using this time honored technique to achieve their vision.

“My Muse Holds the Jaws of a Lion”, is a collection of small works, hand made photographic based collages, that I have created during the journey through my larger bodies of work. (one is "the Major Arcana" a series of portraits created through divination) These are my muses, and these small pieces are created with the intention of exploration.  Each tells a small story, with the subject, a dream, a feeling, an impression, and a small glimpse into who they are.

August 1 – August 31

To view the exhibition: Red Filter Gallery