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Preview: Pierre-Jean Amar, Argentic Gallery, Paris, France

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Ghislaine 2, Pierre-Jean Amar

Ghislaine 2, Pierre-Jean Amar

Photographer Pierre-Jean Amar is now gracing the walls of Parisian Gallery Argentic. Unfortunately, the gallery’s english version of its webpage was lacking a description of the Amar exhibition but thanks to the beautiful technology of language tools, the following is a translation from the original french. 

Pierre- Jean Amar was born in 1947 . From 1965 he started to photograph , draw and began to exhibit while pursuing graduate letters. In 1977, he became a freelance professional photographer.

Pierre- Jean Amar spent the first fifteen years of research landscapes , still lifes and interiors many of which are treated by methods of turns. This work on inanimate ceased in 1980 with the birth of her son Aurélien , he photographs so followed for twenty years. This work will be the subject of several exhibitions and a book at Watermark . Pierre- Jean Amar is also engaged in the portrait and the nude female . He published in 1990 by Nathan Nudes with texts by Jean Raymond , Metaphors photographic texts Jean Arrouye and Gardens Cézanne texts Raymond Jean , were published in 2004 by Editions Créaphis . In 2009 he published the Weather Vault of my mother. He has directed more than 150 exhibitions in France and abroad and his photographs are included in many public and private collections.

The exhibit opened on April 15th and will run until the end of June. If you happen to be lucky enough to grace Paris with your presence during this time, give Amar and Argentic a look.

For More Information: Argentic Gallery