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Notable: Black and White Beauty on Cover of Rangefinder

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Jim Shoemaker has won the Rangefinder/Pictage contest and landed on the cover of Rangefinder this month.

A photo I shot this past March in Saguaro National Park is on the cover of the September issue of Rangefinder Magazine. It was the winning image in Rangefinder’s "Passion for Light" contest. I created a pdf with the cover and inside article, so go to check it out.

See his work and this beautiful Black and White rendering of SouthWest architecture.

Jim Shoemaker

Rangefinder Magazine

Notable: Peter Treiber – “Steel Resolve”, Rangefinder

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Peter Treiber, “Hot Saw Grey Mill”

We were pleased to see a well written article by Lou Jacobs in Rangefinder Magazine this month covering the evolution of Peter Treiber’s excellent book “Inside Bethlehem Steel: The Final Quarter Century”. Peter was there working for the company taking some spectacular industrial shots for many years.

Of interest to any photographer planning a self published book, this article is a great road map to creation and promotion of  a photobook.

To control the color, I did my own separations and made my own set of proofs.
The printer’s proofs were based on mine,
and everyone has been pleased with the
outcome. The U.S. print broker I used
paid for my trip to China to oversee printing
that came off with few corrections. I
am distributing the book myself to local
stores, and I was pleased when a distributor
came to me after several successful
signing events at Barnes and Noble.

We own the book … and highly recommend it to anyone wishing to see great photography covering an important piece of our history. His website has more information and also some nice Black and White work.

For more on the article: Rangefinder

For more on Peter’s work: Peter Treiber

Inside Bethlehem Steel: The Final Quarter Century

Noteworthy: Jennifer Hudson Wins Rangefinder Grand Award

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Jennifer Hudson “Companion”

Rangefinder Magazine has announced Jennifer Hudson as one of their Grand Prize winners in their 16 X 20 contest.

We first saw Jennifer in her portfolio review at Houston FotoFest and with impressive competition pronounced her “Best In Show”.

No question she continues to impress her viewers …

We noticed in another publication she is running a workshop coming up … you might want to check it out.

For her award: Rangefinder

For her background: Rangefinder II

For her website and workshop information: Jennifer Hudson

Artist Spotlight: Paul Roark

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The Granary, Tumacacory, AZ,

It is always of interest to see how an artist evolves in his work. Often times that includes his “day job” as well as his art. In the case of Paul Roark he was an attorney.

I decided to split my working life into
two segments—one “practical” (money-making) and one
where I could pursue photography as an art and not have
to worry about starving.

Paul is a printer as well as photographer with a sensitivity to digital technology and high tech (and sometimes low tech) inks. He focused early on Black and White prints due to an interesting turn of fate.

My first big break was a one-man show at
the Solvang Gallery in 1981 that turned into a traveling
show around Southern California. It convinced me that
black-and-white fine art landscape display prints would
be my main target, although people also responded well
to the color work I was doing. I suppose the strongest
feedback was at a show in downtown Los Angeles where
all the black-and-white prints were stolen but none of the
color ones.

Primarily working in film and digital scan techniques, he has a great touch for local contrast enhancement in Photoshop while still keeping a unique natural feel to his images. His personal insight into what makes a great image is shared in his workshops.

I go through a two-step analysis.First, the image must have impact. With color, a bright red or other color might do it. With no color to do the job, the image should have what I call a ‘macro pattern’ that catches the viewer’s attention. We don’t notice things we don’t ‘attend’ to.
Second, once drawn to the photo, the image must keep the viewer’s interest as long as possible. I sometimes call this the‘micro pattern.’ Here, using relative lightness
and lots of other tools, I try to keep the eye in the picture and flowing from one interesting part to another.

His work can be seen at: Paul Roark Photography

For his interview by Arthur H. Bleich: Rangefinder, January 2010

Pro Photographer Alert: New Issue of Rangefinder Magazine

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The January issue of Rangefinder Magazine is out and it has multi-article coverage of the current state of Black and White photography.

While it was the only medium in the early days of photography, now there are obvious reasons image makers choose black and white over color. It seems to have become synonymous with two very important and distinctly different segments of the professional market: documentary photography and fine art photography.

Bill Hurter, Editor

Among some very well done pieces, it should be noted there is an article on Susan Burnstine, our “Best of Show” winner at Photo LA.

This magazine issue has not only good information for artists, but also gallerists and collectors as well.

We will be looking at some of the findings in this issue over the next few weeks. Stay tuned.