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Preview: Oh, The Places You’ll Go!, Michael Kenna, Robert Mann Gallery, New York City

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Ten Balloons, Albuqurque, New Mexico, 1993

Ten Balloons, Albuqurque, New Mexico, 1993

Drawing inspiration from Dr. Seuss, Michael Kenna’s aptly named new exhibit features the globetrotter’s works from a variety of his travels.

From China to France to New Zealand, Michael Kenna has sought out the earth’s splendid and sublime. In his intimate portraits of place, the artist’s keen sense of light, form, and balance transcend the “where” and “what” and invite us into moments of permeating tranquility, commanding grandeur, or effervescent whimsy. Robert Mann Gallery is pleased to announce Oh, The Places You’ll Go!, an exploration of the wonderful wide world captured by Michael Kenna’s prodigious lens.
Coinciding with the release of his new monograph, France, the exhibition will feature a number of recent photographs spanning the breadth of the nation’s iconic and lesser-known sites. The Louvre glows luminescent and majestic across the Seine, a disconnected dock in Nice floats hauntingly from its foggy moor, and a filigree of vines envelop an old country home. New snowscapes from Kenna’s classic Japan series inhabit a spare abstraction as dotted snowtracks, slim fence poles, and sloping hillsides irrupt the smooth white canvas. And closer to home, a bevy of hot-air balloons float buoyantly in the New Mexico sky, sailing off to a new adventure.

Michael Kenna is one of the most widely exhibited and beloved photographers working today. Recent retrospectives of his work include those at the the Tacoma Art Museum, 2012; Moscow Museum of Modern Art, 2011; Palazzo Magnani Museum in Reggio Emilia, Italy, 2010; and Bibliothèque Nationale de France in 2009. Kenna’s photographs are included in many public collections including the National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.; the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art; the Shanghai Art Museum; the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography; the Museum of Decorative Arts, Prague; and the Victoria and Albert Museum, London. Born in Widnes, England in 1953, Kenna currently lives and works in Seattle, Washington, USA.

Fans of Kenna, explorers of the world and anyone visiting New York for the holidays will have until January 31st to the exhibit a look. It officially opens Thursday, December 11th, at 6 pm, where Kenna will be signing books.


Fore More Information: Robert Mann Gallery

On Site: New Locations for Robert Mann and Gitterman Galleries, NYC

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Kenneth Josephson, Gitterman Gallery


Courtesy Robert Mann Gallery

In the past month, we had the opportunity to visit the new locations for Robert Mann Gallery and the Gitterman Gallery (well, last spring RM moved).

Tom Gitterman has a great location in the Fuller building on 57th along side some other notable photography and art galleries. Robert Mann has very nice “rustic modern”  new digs a block from his former location in Chelsea.

Take time to visit soon …

For more information:

Gitterman Gallery

Robert Mann Gallery

Preview: John Mack, “Revealing Mexico” Robert Mann Gallery, NYC

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John Mack, “Tijuana, Baja, California”

In his first exhibition at the Robert Mann Gallery, John Mack provides the viewer his acute observations from his Mexico travels.

In this land of extremes, Mack’s photographs assess the legacy of indigenous, mestizo and Spanish cultural heritages and identities. An urban view foregrounds a centuries-old colonial church, flanked by International Style high rises. While such subjects point to the network of global economies and information that modern Mexico is a part of, elsewhere Mack’s lens focuses on the particularly local context, seemingly unaffected by the wider world. The ongoing importance of religion is conspicuous, manifest in the many icons of the Virgin of Guadalupe and the appreciation for devotional ceremonies. Such images are constructively opposed to the economic importance of an ongoing tourist presence or the enduring archeological sites of the Toltec, Aztec and Mayas. A striking image of a makeshift basketball hoop in front of a dilapidated church, a wispy cloud floating by, seems to speak of earthly immanence, spiritual transcendence and spectral ephemerality as modes of being which we as humans must somehow strive to negotiate.

Now through July 1

For more information: Robert Mann

On Site: Michael Kenna “Huangshan” book signing at Robert Mann Gallery, NYC

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Michael Kenna and Robert Mann


We had a very nice time seeing the great Michael Kenna again, at the always hospitable Robert Mann Gallery in Chelsea on a blustery pre- Christmas night.

The purpose was a book signing by Michael for his impressive new book “Huangshan”.

For a period of three years, Kenna photographed Huangshan, a range of mountains in Anhui, China, historic for being a source of artistic inspiration for Chinese painters and poets. Kenna offers a beautiful examination, capturing Huangshan’s seemingly infinite range of pine trees and the quiet intervention of its mountain peaks and surrounding mist. The book’s selection of 46 photographs embodies Kenna’s masterful ability to reinterpret iconic sites with his pensive and quietly romantic aesthetic.

For more information on the book and past exhibits: Robert Mann Gallery

On Site: Michael Kenna “Venezia”- Robert Mann Gallery

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Michael Kenna – “Ponte dei Sospiri”

There is still time to see the excellent Robert Mann Gallery exhibit of Michael Kenna’s “Venezia” (through March 13 in NYC).

The beautifully rendered prints capture the timelessness of Venice in Kenna’s signature style of low light, long exposures. The elegant images are heavy in atmosphere and moody use of light and shadow. As you move through the gallery, the sequencing of the prints allows for multiple visual discoveries and unique viewer experiences.

Whether photographing gondolas, topiaries or water cooling towers, Michael Kenna brings an elegance to bear that never fails to impress the viewer.

The exhibit reconfirms Kenna’s place in the leadership of contemporary photographic fine art today.

His photographs simultaneously capture the decadence and decay of the palazzos and esplanades that line the canals. Gondolas rise and fall with the tide, the brackish water eating away at the mooring posts that punctuate many of the images. Kenna’s long exposures, some times lasting several hours during the darkest hours of the night, smooth over the surfaces of the canals, further emphasizing their street-like function in this floating city. With typically meticulous prints, Kenna distills Venice to its iconic, elemental characteristics of water and light.

Our congratulations to the Robert Mann Gallery on the presentation and success of this exhibit.

For more information: Robert Mann Gallery