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Preview: The Fashion Years 1987-2014, Kurt Markis, Verve Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico

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Christy Turlington, Mirabella Magazine, San Francisco, CA, by Kurt Markus

Verve Gallery is displaying a sartorial sort of exhibition with old west flair, starring the work of cowboy portraitist Kurt Markus.

When the fashion editors discovered the West, they went looking for a genuine Western cowboy photographer, someone who knew the heart and practice of small-town cowboy life, “cowboy culture,” on vast cattle ranches–someone who was a true cowboy chronicler and well connected. Kurt Markus was their man. For 35 years he had photographed the buckaroos of Oregon, Nevada, Idaho and California; the cowpunchers of Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Arizona; and the cowboys of Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, the Dakotas, Nebraska and Canada. Irrespective of the different captions these wranglers wore there was one common thread, according to Kurt: “They [these chaps] ride in the company of like-minded souls.”

While Kurt has enjoyed many lives as a photographer, his cowboy years were among his earliest. What makes his work so unique is that he photographed cowhands not as an outsider, not as a dude, but as one of them. Kurt hobbled, bridled and saddled his own horse, and rode the prairie lands with them. He camped and bunked on the range. He gathered, culled, roped, medicated, castrated, branded and earmarked calves, heifers, steers and bulls. He had his meals at the cookhouse or chuck wagon alongside them–biscuits and gravy for breakfast; spam, biscuits with corn inside, pickles and “a cake from headquarters” for lunch; and cast-iron-skillet hash, chili and beans for supper. He slept outdoors with “nothing but me and the stars.” He stared into open campfires; he learned to drink, smoke, laugh and bullshit. Together they weathered sleet and snow, rain and lightning, and sweltering heat. He became one of them and they bonded.

Kurt is one of the most distinguished portrait and fashion photographers in the last quarter century. The New York Timesdescribes his work as “arresting black-and-white photos from a master fashion photographer.” His work has appeared, for the most part, in every major fashion magazine and more.

His portraiture is the very essence of excellence in refined craftsmanship; his images are known for their grace and wit and absolute mastery of the quality and character of light. The portraits are spartan, image qua image. They are without distracting elements and distinguish themselves with sober, unadorned clarity. There is no mistaking the object photographed. The composition is straightforward. The shapes are robust, sturdy, lusty and spirited. Each promotes economy in concentration from the viewer. The negative space is truly void, whereas the light is delicate and accenting, revealing and complimenting his subjects. The deep and soft shadows are ideally placed.

The exhibit will be on display until August 27th. Also being featured is the work of young and ambitious Susannah Benjamin.

Susannah Benjamin was born in New York City in 1993. She has a passion for storytelling and mythology. Her photography is intimately tied to the literary medium. Each of Susannah’s images requires meticulous storyboarding, location scouting, casting, and styling. Her aims are to create pieces that are aesthetically engaging and also narratively and conceptually evocative. The artist views her models as characters from larger stories, each with their own history and fictional identity. These characters occupy worlds in which social and physical isolation, metamorphosis, and magic are common, if not expected, occurrences. Benjamin’s use of winged women, bewitched girls, and shape shifting youths allow her to marry the escapist realms of fantasy and myth to topical issues such as bullying, depression, and negative self-image.

Benjamin has been recognized for her photography from a very early age. After winning first place in Digital Camera Magazine’s international “Young Photographer of the Year” competition at age 14, she went on to win the grand prize in the 2013 Irish Times’ photography competition, selected from over 8,000 entries worldwide. She was also one of six artists to win PDN’s “The Curator” competition, which aims to highlight the best emerging fine art photographers.

Susannah firmly believes that artists should approach their work from a cross-disciplinary perspective. Thus, Benjamin pursued a liberal arts education; she is a recent graduate of Yale University with a degree in English and French Literature.

For More Information: Verve Gallery

Preview: Brigitte Carnochan, Elizabeth Opalenik, Josephine Sacabo, Verve Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico

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Aching for Your Touch, by Brigitte Carnochan

Aching for Your Touch, by Brigitte Carnochan

For those who need a break from the beautiful outdoors New Mexico has to offer, Verve Gallery is putting on a great new exhibition with a trio of photographers: Brigitte Carnochan, Elizabeth Opalenik and Josephine Sacabo.

Brigitte Carnochan

Carnochan’s photographs are exhibited in galleries and museums nationally and internationally. Her work is in museum, corporate and private collections. Carnochan was named a Hasselblad Master Photographer for 2003 and her work has recently been featured on the covers of Camera Arts and Silvershotz and has been published in Color, Lenswork, Zoom, View Camera, Polaroid, Black and White, and Studija magazines. There are three photographic catalogs of her work. She teaches photography classes through the Stanford University Continuing Studies program.

Elizabeth Opalenik

In Tall Grass, 1980, Elizabeth Opalenik

In Tall Grass, 1980, Elizabeth Opalenik

Elizabeth employs the Mordançage process, infrared, platinum printing and hand painting in creating her innovative, one-of-a-kind images. She mixes digital and traditional technologies to explore all the creative possibilities. Elizabeth imparts her sense of artistry to personal projects on the Amish near her childhood home. She has worked with United Cerebral Palsy Games for the Disabled, Nuestros Pequenos Hermanos International and is currently documenting a project for Medical Ministries International that brings much needed eye care to small villages along the Amazon River in Colombia, Peru and Brazil.

Josephine Sacabo

El Fulgor (The Brightness), by Josephine Sacabo

El Fulgor (The Brightness), by Josephine Sacabo

Joséphine Sacabo lives and works mostly in New Orleans, where she has been strongly influenced by the unique ambience of the city. She is a native of Laredo, Texas, and was educated at Bard College, New York. Before mobbing to New Orleans, she lived and worked extensively in France and England. Her earlier work was in the photo-journalistic tradition, influenced by Robert Frank, Josef Koudelka, and Henri Cartier-Bresson. She now works in a very subjective, introspective style. She uses poetry as the genesis of her work and lists poets as her most important influences, among them Rilke, Baudelaire, Pedro Salinas, Vincente Huiobro, and Juan Rulfo, Mallarmé, and Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz. Sacabo, has published four books of her work including “Une Femme Habitée” in Paris in 1991 by Editions Marval; award winning “Pedro Paramo” in 2002 by the University of Texas Press; “Cante Jondo” in 2002 and “Duino Elegie” in 2005 both by 21st Publishing. Sacabo has had solo shows in Paris, London, Madrid, Toulouse, Buenos Aires, Mexico City, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and other major U.S. cities.

The exhibit opens on April 29th, 2016, but if you’re in Santa Fe a week later, the reception is May 6th, from 5-7 pm. The works will be on view until June 11th, 2016.
For More Information: Verve Gallery

Preview: Photographic Brushstroke/Midnight Garden, Van Chu/Cy DeCosse, Verve Gallery Of Photgraphy, Santa Fe, New Mexico

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From left to right: Departure 4 (2010), Van Chu; Queen of the Night (2012), Cy DeCosse

From left to right: Departure 4 (2010), Van Chu; Queen of the Night (2012), Cy DeCosse

New Mexican photography fans are in for yet another treat from the Verve Gallery of Photography. Their most recent gallery juxtaposes the surrealist psychadelia of photographer Von Chu against the lugubriously dramatic florals of Cy DeCosse.

Van Chu is a Vietnamese artist who came to the United States in 2001. He was awarded his MFA from the University of Utah in 2010 in digital imaging/photography. Van’s work and his passion are to push the boundaries of photography. His creative technique gets away from photography’s foundational role of making an image that accurately portrays what it represents. Therefore, his artistic energy is to create, not to capture. His minimalist style is decidedly reminiscent of traditional Chinese paintings in their symmetry and deceptively simple lines. Of his work Van opines, “That Asian part of me is really coming out. It’s projecting on every piece of photography I do.

For More Information: Verve Gallery Photography

Preview: Figures Studied, 10th Anniversary Group Exhibition at Verve Gallery in Santa Fe

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brigitte carnochan

 Brigitte Carnochan, Remembrance of Things Past, 2013

 An annual event that we look forward to:

Figures Studied

10th Anniversary Group Exhibition

June 28 – August 31, 2013.

Opening Reception: July 19, 2013, 5-7pm

Participating Artists: Stanko Abadžic, William Albert Allard, Laurie Archer, Jeffrey Becom, Susan Burnstine, Brigitte Carnochan, Manuel Carrillo,  Charbonneau/French   Van Chu, Michael Crouser, Cy DeCosse, Douglas Ethridge, Joy Goldkind, Misha Gordin, Susan kae Grant, Irving Greines, Henry Horenstein, Jennifer B. Hudson, Linda Ingraham, Don Kirby, Norman Mauskopf, Beth Moon, Tony O’Brien, Elizabeth Opalenik, Janet Russek,  Ryuijie, Josephine Sacabo, David Scheinbaum, Jennifer Schlesinger-Hanson, Takeshi Shikama, Paul Slaughter, Caitlyn Soldan, Henrieke Strecker, Stephen Strom, Nancy Sutor, Maggie Taylor, Jacko Vassilev, Kamil Vojnar, Nevada Wier, Huntington Witherill and Krzysztof Wladyka.

For more information: VERVE GALLERY

Preview: HENRIEKE STRECKER, Verve Gallery, Santa Fe, NM

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Henrieke Strecker, The Pilgrim

Some lovely abstract work now at Verve Gallery by Henrieke Strecker …

Henrieke I. Strecker has her roots in the Black Forest of southwestern Germany. Her
formative and creative years were spent there, and later in Berlin and Frankfurt. In 2008 she relocated to the United States and currently resides and works in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

She has spent her lifetime in photography and alternative photographic techniques.
Henrieke’s work appears in photographic journals, catalogues, blogs and in books on
photographic practices. She teaches The Art of Photography(analog photography)
& Historic Photographic Processes
at Plymouth State University in New Hampshire.

Now through June 22

For more information: Verve Gallery

Notable: MERTXE ALARCóN, Verve Gallery, Santa Fe

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Whispers I

One aspect of the internet that helps emerging artists is the availability of sponsored online exhibitions by established galleries.

One such exhibit can be found currently on the Verve Gallery website featuring the work of Mertxe Alarcón.

Between life and I there’s a thin glass.
Regardless of how clear i could see and understand life, I can not touch it.
That’s why in my pictures, I don’t look for anything.
With them I find myself.
And I’m guilty of having created a world where I can live and invite others to live,
but out of it I can not breathe.

For more information: Verve Gallery

Preview: Beth Moon and Elizabeth Opalenik at Verve Gallery, Santa Fe , New Mexico

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Beth Moon


Elizabeth Opalenik

Verve has impeccable taste in its artists … these two ladies are no exception.

Beth Moon’s photography examines the relationship between humans and earth’s creatures. Her tree images focus on their majesty and solitude. Her recent work took our intrepid artist to the island of Socotra in the Gulf of Aden off the coast of Yemen. Socotra, with a sparse and arid landscape, is the home to nine species of trees, all unique to the island. Beth’s portrait of the Dragon’s Blood Tree in Socotra pays special tribute to a distinctive tree that stands tall with a vertical trunk and an out of reach and arching umbrella canopy. Included in the exhibition are Beth’s prints from the Seen but Not Heard series, a body of work that examines the role of children in an adult world. Finally, in Augurs and Soothsayers Beth captures the regal essence of capons, feathered fowl as seen at their finest.

Elizabeth Opalenik exhibits recent images where she uses the Mordançage process. Elizabeth reconfigures the darkest emulsion of a gelatin silver print to make it into a veil or drapery. Once the emulsion is loosened from the paper she rearranges the emulsion so as to create a complementary veil that adorns the subject of the photograph, Elizabeth’s dancers and nudes. In addition, Elizabeth will be exhibiting platinum palladium prints from A Journey Home, a body of work where she photographed the Amish in Pennsylvania. Elizabeth was raised near this Amish community and found solace in their company while tending to her mother who was ill. The images in this series are very personal and yield a body of work that portrays a people living serenely and in harmony with the gentle rolling manicured landscape found in the western part of the state.

Now through June 2

For more information:

Verve Gallery

Preview: “Descendants” by Norman Mauskopf, Verve Gallery, Santa Fe, NM

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Norman Mauskopf

A different view of the Southwest U.S. with a personal touch is on view at Verve Gallery with the exhibit entitled “Descendants” by award winning photographer Norman Mauskopf. From a new book by the same title, the images are striking while combining the mundane with the essense of a sub-culture’s identifying uniqueness.

The images come out of Mauskopf’s most recent book, Descendants, which focuses
on the Hispanic culture of northern New Mexico.  The book is published by Santa Fe-based Twin Palms/Twelve Trees Press.

“Northern New Mexico is a complex weave of pride and history. In this region of ancient traditions and striking environmental and ethnic diversity, Norman Mauskopf has spent the last decade photographing the Hispanic people and their culture. The photographs that emerged depict the intersection of religion, injustice, community, and transcendence.”

For more: Verve Gallery

Notable: The Pictorial Nostalgia of Irina Dakhnovskaia-Lawton, Verve, Online

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Irina Dakhnovskaia-Lawton,”Winter Icon”

In a very sensual portfolio “Wondering About Pictorialism”, Irina Dakhnovskaia-Lawton adopts the turn of the century lens view of the romantic photographer Alfred Stieglitz. The mood of each image is enhanced with a hazy sepia veil achieving the look and feel of a Victorian era photo collection.

Looking at earlier copies of the "Camera Work", that encyclopedia of pictorial aesthetic, took me on a long journey reflecting on concepts such as approaching a story in one image and the significance of narrative within a small intimate space. Both are rather uncommon ideas in the visual vocabulary of modern photography. Disconnected from political or social subjects, inspired by the narrative poetry of nature and human existence, these images strive to convey a lyrical story within one frame.

Since then I have been exploring the Pictorial style in my own work looking for timeless, nostalgic subjects. In this project, by emphasizing the small image scale along with a pictorial language and the particular printing techniques, I was trying to create intimate connections between an image and a viewer. I am striving to let the viewer experience the reality, as recorded by the meniscus lens, that becomes for me a meditative refuge, a way to communicate the subtle poetic qualities of everyday being.

To view the exhibit: Verve Online Emerging Artist


Preview: Huntington Witherill, Verve Gallery, Santa Fe

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Rock Forms, Salt Point, CA

From landscapes to architectural shoots, with color or Black and White, Huntington Witherill has mastered the use of light and form. In a current exhibit at the Verve Gallery in New Mexico you can see this virtuoso at work.

Having studied photography in the early 1970’s with such notables as Ansel Adams, Wynn Bullock, Steve Crouch and Al Weber, Witherill has remained faithful to his classical photographic training while progressively transitioning toward a more contemporary approach to the medium. Since 1970, his work has been featured in more than one-hundred individual and group exhibitions in museums and galleries throughout the world.

Indicative of a diverse approach to the medium, Witherill works in both color and black & white, and his subjects include landscapes, studies of pop-art, botanical still-life, urban architecture, abstracts, and digital imaging. His black & white photographs have been published in two award winning hardcover monographs titled: Orchestrating Icons (2000) and Botanical Dances (2002). Both books were published by LensWork Publishing. In 1999, Witherill was recipient of the "Artist of the Year" award presented by the Center for Photographic Art, Carmel, CA.

Now through January 8, 2011.

For more information: Verve